South Shore Academy are dedicated to improving school attendance. If a pupil is absent for any reason we require contact from Parent/Carer each day. Absences for illness will not be authorised without medical evidence.

We operate a graduated response initiative to attendance concerns and to alert parents to a fall in their child’s attendance at the earliest possible opportunity. The second stage of this graduated response is to invite parents into school to complete an attendance action plan with their child and the attendance team. If the attendance action plan is unsuccessful the next option is a referral through to the Pupil Welfare Service which if attendance does not significantly improve may result in a fine or prosecution.

If parents wish to take their son/daughter out of school for an extended period of time for reasons other than illness or medical issues, then a Leave of Absence form must be completed and returned to the school.

It is important for parents to be aware that the Principal will only grant leave of absence for exceptional circumstances.

Please ensure that the form is completed in advance of the request for a leave of absence. Please be aware that if leave is not granted then any absences will be recorded as unauthorized, which may result in the Local Authority issuing warning letters and prosecutions.

We wish to support all parents and work together to make sure that all students are attending school as much as possible. Where absences occur it is a well known fact that academic progress is affected.

Leave of Absence Letter